I am by no means a “sneakerhead.” I’m not Turtle. I’ve never waited in line for Fukijamas. But I have had my fair share of signature shoes over the years.

As I kid I can remember my first pair of basketball sneakers, they were Hakeem Olajuwon‘s, then I had some Shaq’s, then I went on a mean streak of AI shoes, then Kobe’s moon shoes and then Vince Carter’s with those mean Raptor teeth down the sides… Got into high school and I can remember rocking these AWESOME cherry red T-Mac’s… and then took a few year hiatus from the game before coming back strong with some American flag Kobe’s last year for men’s league basketball action.

So why did I take you on this epic journey through some ELCTRIC footwear of mine? Well, because yesterday, the Big Baller Brand (aka “BBB”) dropped their first shoe line and it featured a sneaker for $495…

 reaction loop excited shocked snap GIF

That is absolutely bonkers and Twitter had a field day roasting the new footwear brand. Here are some of my favorites:

I honestly can say I love the hate because Lavar is a jackass, but I also sort of respect the way they’re trying to bypass the biggest brands in the game. Evidently they sold $2.5 million in sneakers in four hours. Hate Lavar for being an ass all you want, but starting your own shoe line and actually making it work is PRETTY boss.



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