On May 11th, the greatest Knicks team of my lifetime – the Eastern Conference Champion ’99 Knicks – will be appearing at B&H Superstore next Thursday!!

…Okay, maybe not all of them but Larry Johnson AND Latrell Spreewell will – and that’s a biiiiiig deal in my world. Why?

If you remember correctly, last October – I had a little Twitter vote to determine what throwback Knicks jersey I should get… And the “4-point man” himself won!

I know Ketch has himself a Marcus Camby jersey and my older brother has a Chris Dudley jersey, but my LORD would I lose it if I got my Larry Johnson jersey signed by the legend himself.

Regardless, next week, all you Knicks fans out there (in Manhattan) – let’s meet these guys around the corner from the Mecca, shoot the bull and pretend like our franchise isn’t a total and complete dumpster fire.



Knicks Tape for Life,


P.S. Lance Thomas will be there too.