Last week at this time we were simply a blog site with no media credentials. This week? We are nothing the same.

Want proof? Here is Frank, ON THE FIELD, interviewing Sky Blue FC head coach Christy Holly! Frank asks the hard hitting questions and really gets to the bottom of the issues.

My favorite part – believe it or not isn’t at the 57 second mark when the camera man (who shall remain nameless) zooms in on the babe from FC Kansas City – it’s when Frank legitimately just felt in the moment enough to ask a joking question “How cold are you?” but Coach Holly took that as the signal that the interview was over. Amazing!

Act like we’ve been there? We looked like pro’s!! No other person getting interviewed had a camera over their shoulder like we did either… Just saying.

Very excited to see where this season takes us. Next time we see the girls at home will be Saturday May 20th. Stay tuned for some more ELECTRIC Sky Blue FC coverage.



Sky Blue (or) F*C* (You),