Alright guys, apparently my laptop basically is saying “Yo Ragu, you aren’t making a video this week!” Every time I try to open my movie editing thing, it straight up doesn’t let me, and I’m not a computer guy so there’s no hope of this getting fixed. Therefore, I’m just going to write up what I would say in the video, and then throw some videos in there. So, enjoy the written, less exciting version of my hangover.

“I’m going to start out by saying how absolutely wild it is with Lamar Ball launching the Z02’s. So a pair of sandals that I can buy at Dick’s for $20, are being sold by Big Baller Brand (which is an absurd name for a company) for $220. Yeah, maybe if they’re Gucci I could understand that. But as someone that gets $5 pocket tees from JCPenney, you will not see me buying those sandals. But wait there’s more! The basic “Prime” sneaker is sold for $495-$695. Yo, what? That’s not even the top. The “wet” collection, which are signed by Lonzo are $995-$1195.


Now I heard that he already had over $2.5 million in presales. I can’t imagine them making any more money than that. Because at the end of the day, this is a great publicity stunt. We just saw it with the Sunny Co Clothing. Hell, I even thought I’d get in on the action (which, for the record, I didn’t get an email so I’m pissed). But I’m over the Lavar Ball thing. He’s the worst kind of helicopter parent. The one who makes his son shoot around until he’s bleeding because he himself could never do really make it.

But that’s enough of that.

Boston is getting pretty wild right now, between the whole Red Sox and Orioles ordeal, and then the other night, the Celtics and the Wizards. So first let’s talk about the Red Sox. I’m a big Red Sox fan, BUT, I’m also a big Manny Machado fan. It all started out by Machado spiking Pedroia, and then escalated into Matt Barnes dome sniping Machado a few days later. Then Kevin Gausman hit Xander Bogaerts which got him ejected, and then Chris Sale was throwing 98 behind guys. It’s wild. The Orioles are pissed, and I feel like the Red Sox are still holding some anger. It’s only a matter of time until a BS benches clearing brawl happens.

And then the Wizard’s Kelly Oubre decked the hell out of Kelly Olynyk after Olynyk set a pick and knocked down Oubre. Oubre then got lit and just threw down on olynyk. Now, before I get into this, how wild is it that both their names are Kelly…??

Anyway, Boston, is just getting crushed right now. I mean the Celtics lost 116-89 to the Wizards and lost 8-3 in their last game against the Orioles. SO as a Boston Fan, FIGURE IT OUT!

Hope you enjoyed a shortened version of the Hangover, hopefully this doesn’t happen again though.

And if you didn’t here’s a good video that hopefully you will like.


Ragu, Out