It really seems like I do my Friday Night Facebook Live at 7pm, drink a few beers and all of a sudden I’m waking up and it’s Monday again. That reality is too damn real.

Regardless, hell of a weekend… This week, I want to tip my Reagan Bush ’84 hat to Brett Kissell and the Edmonton Oilers fans last Sunday for the singing of the National Anthem… when their grabass Canadian technology failed, the American spirit in that arena surely made up for it.

Gotta love it. In America or not, our country just reigns supreme. WOOOOOOO!!!! U-S-A-!!! U-S-A!!!! U-S-A!!!!

Also, speaking of reigning supreme, our Merica Monday girl Caitlyn from North Dakota… UGH. Absolutely crushing the Merica Monday game. Great photo from her, and if you want (and you should) go give her a follow and toss some ❤’s over her way at caitlynhanson. She deserves them – do it for America!!

Well, as always – this was a phenomenal way to ring in the week. Let’s get after it!



(Still) Undefeated World War Champs,