“A tradition like Every Other.”

When the idea of a charity golf outing came across my plate, I was skeptical…

For starters, I can’t play golf. I’m arguably the worst golfer in the history of mankind in fact. If I sincerely played 18 holes, there is almost a certainty I would be around 250. That is not a joke. I think I’d be shooting “really good” if I got that damn ball in the cup within 10 strokes.

Also, getting enough golfers to field a “tournament” seemed like a long-shot.

But the response we’ve gotten thus far has been outstanding. We already are looking at nine teams reserved – which is great. We have two golf courses competing for us that we are between to host the event (the photo above is actually of one of the courses – Ash Brook Golf Course). And we’re working with Movember to make sure our charity game is up to snuff.

 fresh prince dancing friday golf holla GIF

So here are some preliminary details to rev your engines to with about 69 days left until the big event (don’t fact check me there but we’re close). I suggest hitting the range this May and making sure your long game is there, because it’s going to matter come July 22!!

  • Let’s start with the basics – it will be scored Captain & Crew. It seems we aren’t having a shotgun start (it keeps your cost down a little), but we will be trying to record all opening drives off the First Hole. What does that mean? Well, let’s just say the odds of us having a British-accented commentator introduce you when we post this content for the world is THROUGH THE ROOF.
  • There will be a hole-in-one contest on one of the holes. From the bottom of my heart I am going to try to make the prize be a car (because how hilarious would it be if one of you guys drove off in a car) – but if the prize is like $25,000, I think that’d be a sick prize too. It’s all going to come down to dollars and cents, but trust me – there will be a hole-in-one prize and it will be sick.
  • There will also be a longest drive contest, because I mean, hey, chicks dig the long ball. If I were you, this contest should be viewed as the main event of the day. The winner likely will get THE Water Cooler Sports Open jacket (color/pattern pending) at the closing ceremony. It will be very tasteful and possibly a trophy will be involved. Again, this is the prize you should all want.
  • As this whole tournament will be scored for team play, there will ALSO be four phenomenal, embroidered cable-knit sweater vests for the winning team – because nothing says “I won a Country Club Charity Golf Tournament” quite like a sweet sweater vest.

Again, I am pretty pumped this has come together as smoothly as it has thus far. Stay tuned for more updates!!



Hit It Hard,