If you didn’t hear, Kristaps Porzingis, after skipping his exit interviews because the state of the team is in complete disarray, tweeted the other day this:

Kristaps Porzingis Tweet LA Clippers.jpg

So naturally he did what any famous person does nowadays and claimed his Twitter was hacked.

The reaction from the media and fans has been wild, and it’s hard to know what the truth really is. If it was really a hack, that’s pretty funny honestly. Some hacker out there just really gently wanted to stir the pot. The tweet was pretty harmless but sent the New York media into a tailspin.

If it wasn’t a hack, and KP is just doing this to be an rascal, well that’s kinda funny to me too. This dumpster fire of a franchise would then be fighting with its franchise player, and its up-and-coming Latvian unicorn who is tired of the chaos and now wants to leave to play for the LA Clippers.

Truthfully, I don’t think either of these theories is the truth though. I saw this tweet on the ride home yesterday and realized that this is the only logical explanation:

We know Porzingis is a biiiiiiig Abigail Ratchford guy, so maybe KP just found himself in a classic, “Oh no, I tweeted that instead of texting it?!

I pray that is the real story. That way I know KP is still making moves on Ratchford, and he never wanted to leave my beloved New York Knicks.