What is it about this Yankees team that has me knuckle-deep in Pinstripes talk right now?

I have found myself watching almost every game, all year long and just glued to what the hell is going on in the Bronx.

Toward the end of last season was fun and I think that’s where it all started. They traded away their stud bullpen and their team stepped up, making some September baseball actually meaningful all the way up to the last week (if I remember correctly). I think it was then I became enamored with this overachieving group of guys.

Then the off-season came, we all laughed about renting Chapman out, getting him back AND keeping all those prospects. But we still knew we had YEARS before who we traded for developed into MLB-level talent. So, again, this year was meant to be pretty average.

But what has happened so far has been absolutely wild.

The Yankees have the best record in baseball at (21-9). They did much of that without their starting shortstop in Didi, AND about twenty of those games without Gary Sanchez, who was a HUGE reason that toward to end of last year this team was winning games.

Their starting pitching really didn’t change year-over-year… Which you’d assume would be a problem as they weren’t GREAT last year! We still have Tanaka, CC, Pineda & Severino. They have some great stuff this year – they aren’t pitching the lights out, buuuuut they are doing what they need to do for this team to win. 24-year old Jordan Montgomery has come in and pitched well so far and the over-achieving Yankees pitching staff is, again, (partly) responsible for the best record in baseball.

But I think it’s the offense that has blown me away and is why I can’t turn off the TV when the Yanks are on. Aaron Judge is leading the league in home runs, and Aaron Hicks and Starlin Castro are HAMMERING the ball (.342 and .358 BA respectively). If, and hopefully when, Gary Sanchez gets back to tapping into his inner Pablo Sanchez, this team going to have a mean looking batting order. And we aren’t even talking about Ellsbury, Gardner, Holliday or Didi right now.

I also want you to keep this in mind: THIS TEAM WASN’T MEANT TO BE GOOD.

The haul we got in last year’s trades were meant to make this team good in a couple years. Clint Frazier. Justus Sheffield. Gleyber Torres. These are the top tier prospects we got in our fire sale last fall, and these are the names in the farm system that were supposed to transcend this franchise.

When you aren’t meant to be this good, and you end up being this good, it is a really fun thing to watch… Hey, the NBA players’ “championship chasing culture” could learn a thing or two from these New York Yankees!!



Just Another Reason to Yank It,