It took me a long time to wrap my head around all the beautiful things happening around the Mets organization. The term “Beautiful Mess” is exactly what I think of right now when I think of this organization. They really earn it I tell ya!

Let’s tackle the complete timeline from last Monday (or so) through now and just marvel at what we are witnessing.

Monday, May 1

I guess to tackle this one you’d have to go prior Monday┬ábut whatever… Noah Syndergaard, hands down their best pitcher right now, had a biceps injury that the week prior and skipped a start. The team wanted him to get an MRI for it, he refused. Outstanding work by the team to give him an option and not require it because…?

Noah Syndergaard Injury.jpg

You guessed it! He got hurt after just 1.1 IP on Monday… Now, their ace pitcher is going to be sitting on the DL for a couple months!

Friday, May 5


Mets Dildogate.jpg

To this day, one of the funnier things to happen honestly. The Mets’ official Twitter, after the Mets┬ácomeback win over the Marlins, tweeted a picture of their MVP for the game, TJ Rivera – not knowing some prankster put a dildo in the locker next to Rivera’s.

Hilarious? Yes. Forgivable? Yes. Unforgettable? ABSOLUTELY.

Saturday, May 5

Mets suspend Matt Harvey for three games without pay for a “violation of team rules.” Many thought this was due to Dildogate only highlighting more and more that hilarious pranks like that actually do go down in MLB locker-rooms.

Also, many people in the media were like, “Come on, it was a prank. Let it go.” And rightfully so, it WAS hilarious.

Sunday, May 7

We learn the Mets actually didn’t suspend Harvey for “dildogate” and instead they did so because he missed a game, which is a pretty fair reason if you ask me.

The Mets alluded to him having issues, but Harvey said he had a migraine and that’s why he didn’t come.

Monday, May 8

The NY Post reports Harvey was he was out partying with his boys on Cinco de Mayo at 1Oak until 4am… I know what you’re thinking, “Oh that pussy called a hangover a migraine? Grow up Peter Pan!” But that’s not the case…

As the story goes, Harvey went golfing with his boys Saturday morning (I mean, SAFTB), came back, fell asleep and woke up with a headache.

 drunk wasted hangover rugrats dolores park GIF

To me, Harvey 100% woke up still drunk, had a few beers to help the hangover, went golfing and then after his nap he woke up with a TERRIBLE hangover because it was essentially the culmination of two hangovers in one.

Tuesday, May 9

Harvey holds a press conference saying he was “extremely embarrassed” for his actions and he takes “full blame” for that.

Okay, Harvey is the bad guy. I guess he deserved it.

(Later) Tuesday, May 9

Then, the NY Post strikes again, saying that Harvey found out last week that (maybe who he thought was his) bae, Adriana Lima, was seen out with her ex Julian Edelman. So, Harvey did what any normal human would do – he drank himself into oblivion for a few days.


And now we’ve come full circle folks. Now, I don’t think Harvey is a dickhead, I almost feel sympathetic for this guy. I bet it sucks to have the hottest girl on the planet rip your heart out.

 adriana lima GIF

I just hope no one forgets that the culprit of Dildogate is still at large…

And oh boy the way, the Mets are 6-2 over this time span. They just thrive in this chaos. Gotta love that!!



Meet the Mess!! Meet the Mess!!