Make America Great Again” was the slogan Donald Trump ran on that was just simple enough, and just exciting enough, to win himself the presidency.

How was he going to do that? Simple – we were going to bring jobs back to America!

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Well Donny, you can’t take credit for this one… Nope – this one is mine!

While doing some¬†actual water cooler talk today at work, my co-worker mentioned he had gone to the eye doctor and how stupid that man’s job was.

Doctor: “Which one is better: 1 or 2?
Patient: “One.
Doctor: “...Okay. 3 or 4?

We equated this insanely simple testing to determine your vision, to being the customer service guy at Time Warner or Verizon FiOs who always have the same troubleshooting for your busted cable box:

Did you try to power on and off your box? No? Okay, try that. Did that work? No? Okay, press and hold the Power Button for 10 seconds and let it system reboot. Did that work?”

It really is the same thing. And did those customer service reps need a Doctorate in order to diagnose those technical difficulties?

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Now, I get sometimes you have something fucked up going on with your eye, an infection for example that requires a real doctor to take a look at and diagnose. But if you are just going to get your eyes diagnosed for a prescription pair of glasses or contacts? Let a fucking idiot do that job, because ANYONE can do that!!

So that is my pitch. Let eye doctors be there for any actual legitimate sickness to people’s eyes, but let’s create an industry where people with less education can have a job doing boring menial work.

1 or 2?

**Idiot records response.**

3 or 4?

Boom, out with the old in with the new. Places should be opening up all over the country getting people the proper vision they need and eye doctors can concentrate on eye diseases that really matter. Like pink eye because your friend farted on your pillow (I think that’s how that works).



Bringing Jobs Back to America,