Ever wonder what the offspring of a gator and a shark look like?

Well, if a photo that went viral over the weekend does in fact feature Florida Gators head coach Jim McElwain, and that lucky shark was a female, we may have ourselves an answer.

I mean, the picture looks a whole lot like Gators’ Coach McElwain, and it really is wild beyond belief. For comparison, here he is seen below at a Gator press conference:

Jim McElwain.jpeg

…and here is the photo again if you want to continue to stare at what appears clearly to be bestiality:

Jim McElwain Shark Photo

I mean, damn. That is pretty close to me. The problem here is we don’t know where this picture came from. Because if we genuinely don’t know, I think we need to chalk this up to an epic photoshop job by someone!

Jim says it isn’t him and while the story WOULD be absurd if he did, I think we have to give him the pass because honestly, you can photoshop anyone anywhere. Shit, earlier this year I photoshopped myself onto the cover of Forbes!!

Electric stuff out of the SEC. If there’s one thing I know for certain – THIS is good for recruiting.



Shoutout to that Guy’s Tanlines,


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