Sunday May 7.

That was the last time the Cleveland Cavaliers played an NBA game. It was a Game 4 against the Toronto Raptors and with the win, Cleveland swept them.

Their opponent for the Eastern Conference Finals will play on May 15th in a deciding Game 7 in Boston.

That difference is EIGHT DAYS (for those of you mathematically challenged). Eight days for Lebron to rest up – which has been a focal point for the 32-year old. Eight days for JR to run around shirtless in Cleveland and party with Rihanna. Eight days for a team without any significant injuries to rest up before facing, presumably, a pretty battered and beaten Celtics/Wizards team.

So why am I writing about this? Why does it matter?

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Because a whole lot has been made about the never-ending “Jordan versus Lebron” debate that if Lebron’s Cavs can beat these “super-team” Warriors, then Lebron is the GOAT (or at least Jordan fans start to entertain the idea… which is a big step).

This rest. This 10 days (at least) off until the Eastern Conference Finals, is going to be crucial. Not crucial to beat the Celtics or the Wizards, because that is a joke. It’s crucial for having their legs under them when they go up against that “super team” of the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors admittedly have had some rest, but they’ll be playing far superior competition in the Conference Finals – so I really don’t see them having much rest heading into the Finals.

So here it is – the Cavs have had tons of rest. They’ll destroy in the Conference Finals and when they go up against the Warriors – shockingly playing a “David” role in a “David vs Goliath” finals – they will have their best shot for Lebron to solidify himself as the GOAT… Or at least David will have his legs to have a good shot to sling that rock*.



Cavs vs Warriors – Who’da Thunk?!





* = That is actually a bible reference. The little guy David slings a rock at 8 foot tall Goliath’s dome-piece to take him down. I guess I remembered something from my 9 years of Catholic schooling! Shout-out to me!