I like to think I’m a pretty reasonable guy… I think some sort of alien life form exists. I don’t think ghosts are real. Trees obviously make a sound when they fall in the woods when no ones looking… And sports superstitions are insane.

That being said, I find myself not washing my Giants jersey if they win, but it will finally stop smelling like beer the Monday after a loss. I know it’s crazy. But that’s sports.

Well, Tom Brady has taken things to a new level. Not only did he agree to be on the cover of Madden – in itself a curse known to destroy players – but he the way he chose to announce it was… uh… ballsy?

Again, I don’t believe ANYTHING will happen to Tom Brady just because he is on the cover of Madden… Or because he broke a mirror… Or walked under a ladder…

But that seemed like doubling down and doubling down again.

Now, I like the move by Brady – it shows total and utter confidence that as the GOAT, even curses won’t slow him down. But still… If I was a Pats fan, it’s a bit unnerving.

That being said, I saw this tweet yesterday and can’t agree more:

Jets, Bills, Dolphins… If there was one year to unseat the Pats as AFC Champs – this is it!



GOAT’s Gonna GOAT,