If you thought for one minute that Marshawn Lynch was going to go from quiet, hipster, granola-filled Seattle to MUH FUGGIN OAKLAND without a ballin’ block party, you were very mistaken!!

Everything fathomable at one of the most hood looking parties you can imagine…

Chicken? ✔️

T-shirts on heads? ✔️

Draymond Green? ✔️

Jump Rope? ✔️

Gang Signs? ✔️

Everyone wearing the same t-shirt? ✔️

Hood ass dancing that looks goofy as shit but also cool as shit? ✔️

Obligatory asshole with a Chicago Bulls hat? ✔️

Old man rocking a Raiders jersey with long sleeves in the 100% sunlight? ✔️

People sitting in folding chairs? ✔️

Marshawn Lynch with a necklace with the shape of Africa on it? ✔️

Someone getting a pie to the face? ✔️

Extreme over the top laughter? ✔️

Can’t wait to see what this guy can do in his hometown. Make it known right now, the Oakland Raiders are gonna be WILD!!



Taste the Rainbow,




Marshawn Lynch Meme.jpg