Ok, for starters, Jeter Day yesterday was just magical. The guy is the best and I seriously thought yesterday was perfect. Also, so many retired Yankees are legit beautiful humans… like no homo, they age well. Okay, that’s a little ‘mo.

I’d be wrong if I didn’t do one last, for New York, Jeter moment (kinda). Billy Joel singing the National Anthem in New York with a bald eagle coming in hot… ELECTRIC.

Amazing. For New York and for America. There really isn’t anything better… U-S-A!! U-S-A!! U-S-A!!!!

And this week we have to give a shoutout to Alice from UCF for this incredible cover photo… and really, what an AWESOME Merican photo. MDW weekend and waving Ol Glory around can’t come soon enough.

Now go give Alice some follows and likes over at alicevilenskaya on Instagram… with photos like that, she deserves them!



God Bless the USA,