On May 20th at 4pm, Frank & Taylor aka the “Bad Boys of Media” are back in action as the Sky Blue FC (2-2-1) take on the Houston Dash (2-3).

Hmm, Houston Dash? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, since you’re a regular Coolie and read every post we have here on the site, you may remember that JJ Watt’s girlfriend, Kealia Ohai, is on the Houston Dash.

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Anyway, last Saturday, our Sky Blue girls took down Houston, in Houston, 3-1. So it’s safe to say, we’ll be feeling confident in this one.

I personally can’t wait to get back to that media booth at Yurcak Field with “my people” and listen to them tell war stories of World War I spit knowledge of the NWSL. There is nothing better than learning from the best (like that guy that relentlessly for 90 minutes just said the jersey number of the girl receiving a pass).

I also learned (and this is absolutely fantastic) that Lifetime, the television station, will be airing this week’s game starting at 3:30pm. Does that make us part of the television media? No. I don’t know! Who’s to say?

In order to be better prepared this week, Frank and I are set to strategize from a media perspective on Thursday night (aka blackout) – and just talk just X’s & O’s. In the meantime, if there are any hard-hitting questions you want us to bring to the table Saturday, you let us know. We’ll be happy to ask fan submitted questions to the head coach of the team, or to fans in Cloud 9, or whoever… We are men of the media and do it for you guys.

Comment below with your questions and Frank and I will make  those dreams come true.






* = We already have “Saturday’s are for the Girls” shirts in the making that will be #LIT AF… Sky Flue (or) F*C* (you)!