Okay, I admit it… It’s been a while since I got you some new country tunes. But with summer temps and good tailgates rapidly approaching, it’s more important than ever to have that country playlist locked and loaded with some new jams. Now, let’s get to it.

1.) Casey Donahew – Kiss Me

I’ll be honest, ripping a song title from Six Pence None the Richer was a BOLD move, but the band from Texas has a gem here. Country songs can be soft and maybe this is one of those, but still a jam.

2.) Big & Rich – California

Big & Rich is wild to me. I usually either love or hate their songs right from the get go, and California is one I can get into. Solid jam for the playlist.

3.) Brothers Osborne – Let’s Go There

Brothers Osborne has had maybe one song that I’ve heard and said “PASS” on… They almost exclusively have great jams and “Let’s Go There” is another jam. 100% must add to the country playlist.

4.) Canaan Smith – Like You That Way

Again, don’t be fooled by a gay looking song title. Big fan of Like You That Way, and Canaan Smith sort of just has those baby makin’ songs that I can always belt out with that Budweiser microphone in my hand.

So that’s what we got for this week. A solid four to add to the list. I know I say it every week, but we¬†WILL have a country playlist on this site at some point for you to tune into and have blaring all summer long, certainly by Memorial Day Weekend.

Cheers everyone! Happy Tuesday!



Tailgates & Tallboys,