381 days ago, Ketch and I were at Citifield. The Mets were playing the Giants and the giveaway that particular day was the “Noah Syndergaarden Gnome” – yeah, it was #LIT.

It was a hell of a time, lots of good food (Citifield has GREAT food btw) and obviously, if you know us, LOTS of beers… Now, why do I say that in particular?

Well, after the game, we were all walking out of the stadium and out from an odd exit from the stadium stepped a man. Now, I being not a diehard baseball guy like Ketch is didn’t give a shit. And honestly, in the city I don’t make eye contact with anyone, but Ketch on the other hand was a country mouse in the big city. He looked up and without hesitation: “Hey! Jeff, right?


He must have been leaving the stadium early to meet up with someone or something, but Ketch noticed him right away – even with a **few** beers in him.┬áIt was wild!

So when I saw this video this morning (and I know this stuff happens all the time bu whatever) I was a little bummed with these Yanks fans…

Literally how are you a Yankees fan and not recognize Aaron Judge?!

I can get if you don’t recognized like Chad Green, or Tyler Clippard, or Chase Headley… They’re just like regular white guys! But Aaron Judge with the freckles and gap tooth?!

 spike lee as if yeah right incredulous oh come on GIF

Also, how did these people get selected to step up and go to that TV booth looking thing to sit down and talk Yanks baseball? There’s no way that could be random, so these were people who knew they would be talking about the Yankees – presumably had the Yankees on their minds (probably didn’t have drinks in them like Ketch did at the time) and still didn’t recognize the dude who is absolutely MASHING the ball right now?


No literally I don’t buy this at all. Hard pass from me. This had to have been staged.



Judge & Strahan’s Gaps 4Eva,