Last night at the NBA Draft Lottery, Boston fans got that coveted #1 Pick in this year’s draft. I personally don’t see them using the pick itself, so I want to walk everyone through what could be a scary scenario and what could be a Golden State-esque “Super Team” in the making in Beantown…

Okay, they’re already the second best team in the East. That is a fact. So they’re starting pretty high on the totem poll and this summer, they might be able to jump the Cavs. Here’s two pretty simple moves that I think they can do to make it happen.

  1. Gordon Hayward. I sincerely think he’s a perfect fit for the Cavs – and not just because he’s a white superstar. He and Celtics’ coach Brad Stevens go waaaay back – back to their glory days when they led Butler to a Final Four win and really put themselves on the map. He can opt out this summer and become an unrestricted free agent, and if he does so, Boston won’t need to give up anything except money to get him. Hayward coming to Boston would be a REALLY nice piece to an already stellar team. Brad Stevens will know how to coach him (presumably) and that would be huge.The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon jimmy fallon donald trump tonight show huge GIF
  2. Get any of the MANY superstars out there stuck on shitty teams. Since they gave up nothing to get Hayward, they still have that lovely #1 pick from last night! Here’s my suggestion – trade the fucking thing! Your team is already on the cusp. Get that last piece and make this thing happen NOW. Here are my suggestions for trade partners and it won’t even be that crazy!
    • CHICAGO. Jimmy Butler for a #1 pick straight up? Chicago might do it. They may want to (and probably should) blow it up, and a #1 pick, as well as their #16 pick? Those are two young guys that could be game changing to the organization.
    • TORONTO. They probably have made it as far as they can go with this roster. They can’t contend with Cleveland, so I say blow it up Toronto! DeRozan for the #1 straight up? Boston gets another crazy weapon (keep in mind in this scenario they have Hayward as well), and how cow could they ever compete with the likes of Cleveland and Golden State!
    • NEW YORK. Here’s probably the best deal I’ll put on this list. Why? NOBODY should trade with New York for Melo unless they get quite the return. My suggestion is the Knicks have to send the #8 pick AND Melo to Boston for the #1. The Celtics would then have a starting lineup that includes Horford, IT, Hayward and Melo. Combine that with their already CRAZY good role players – AND – whoever they pick with the #8 pick in the draft! This could be crazy good. From a New York perspective, it rids Phil of Melo, it gets a better player and they need to blow it up for sure.
    • INDIANA. I know the talk lately has be Paul George to the Lakers, buuut wouldn’t it be too fitting if Boston, historically LA’s rival franchise, stole him away while forming their own super power? I know George wants to be in LA but if the Celtics offer the Pacers a #1 pick for him, straight up – I think Indiana should take it as they too need a desperate rebuild.

Now, I personally would HATE this team with a passion. Boston sports already are annoying with how good they are, and it seems the Celtics could be on their way to a dynasty with the way this could work out.

I’m not rooting for this to happen, but it seems pretty inevitable.

Danny Ainge, here’s the blueprint. You’re welcome.



It’s THAT Easy Phil,