Now, I am not the guy who probably should be calling things fashionable or not. BUT, this male romper thing (cleverly being called a “Romp-him”) is a too much for me to handle.

I can remember the first time seeing a chick wearing a romper and thinking it was hilarious because she’d basically have to get naked in order to go to the bathroom. And now, with the feminism movement and all, men will have to do it too!


Honestly, what are we doing? What happened to wearing jorts, and eating chaw and BEING MEN?! Now, we got a bunch of men that want to be women, dressing in women’s clothing!

I see this going one of two ways. Either I will hate this fad like I hated the iPhone fad ten years ago (still don’t have one, I think only “cool kids” do) OR, you’ll see Water Cooler Sports romphim’s on the site in the next week and I’ll be modeling them.

Honestly, it is such a wild fashion trend – I legit cannot believe it’s real. Rompers for men.

Now I’ve seen everything…



Team No Romp-him’s (for now…),