Last night I think I stumbled on quite the conspiracy theory… Now, quick disclaimer, it might seem retarded, but then again isn’t that how most people view conspiracies when they start?


For example, I think consistently since the internet stopped being accessed through the AOL dial-up, it has always been there for me. It’s basically as reliable as a Ford truck: It runs, it may run hard sometimes, but it always runs… But I don’t get HOW?! And why doesn’t it ever have outage’s?

 how willem dafoe tell me how GIF

Here’s my theory. Power companies make money when the electricity goes out (Why is all very technical, but basically they have to shift power from one grid to the next, so the power companies charge higher rates to outside grids when their power goes out. Supply and demand – someone gets shafted). So money drives power outages and HENCE there is no reason for them to NOT happen. It makes someone, somewhere richer when the power goes out. Boom. That makes sense to me…

So why doesn’t that happen with bandwidth with internet access? Why doesn’t it “go out” and whoever is running the internet fucks over the internet providers (Verizon/Time Warner/Comcast/etc) and make some money by selling bandwidth or internet from somewhere else?!


It was driving me nuts last night, I legitimately don’t “get it” at all. Someone please for the love of God explain this to me. Why doesn’t the internet “go out”??



Asking the Tough Questions,