This is not information I can withhold for any longer (it happened about 10 minutes ago).

I learned last night (at Frank and my weekly business meeting aka Thursday beers at Cloverleaf) a very important piece of information. If you’d like, you can request George W. Bush to make an appearance at your events.

I guess at this stage of the game, he gets to just pick and choose what he does in life, and people can request he show up to their events? Pretty sick honestly. The dude probably just golfs all day and goes to baseball games and photobombs reporters all night!

Anyway, it was the easiest decision of my life – of course he should be in on our charity golf outing! So I have officially requested on his website that he come to the first ever Water Cooler Sports Open: “A Tradition Like Every Other“.

So consider him requested.

You yourself can sign up for the big show over on Facebook. We only are allowed 10 foursomes I was told, and I’d like to get that squared away sooner rather than later so I can concentrate way more on the fun & games (and prizes).

Movember has already come through CLUTCH and got us some SWAG to give out on the big day. I’m very excited this is all coming together. It’s going to be #LIT – stay tuned for more!



Grip It & Rip It,