Here we are with a month or so left in the season. We are in the middle of witnessing the biggest beatdown in NBA Playoffs history in the East, and **SHOCKING** the Warriors will be representing the West after they beat the Spurs.

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This is sooooo boring that we watched 82 games of a regular season and first couple rounds of playoffs, only to know all along who the two teams left would be. And while I will admit to say I can’t wait to see these two duke it out in the Finals, I hate that it was this much of a breeze for them to get here.

The Cavaliers have been, and will be, the elite of the East for a while. And the Warriors are an absolute Super Team, and will be, the elite of a damn good Western Conference for a while as well.


Having no parody in the league sucks. Not even a CHANCE of an upset on these guys all along. They are proving this big time right now as they have finally decided to turn it on and play hard – and they are SMOKING the next best teams (in their conferences).

I hate what the NBA is. It sucks that even a “pretty good” second-tier team like the Celtics, ┬áSpurs, Rockets or WHOEVER – really has no chance to unseat these two.

Total bummer. Snoozefest by the NBA so far. We’re set to be excited for 7 games (potentially) of an entire NBA season.

We need more Russell’s, more Melo’s, more guys who will stick it out in shitty situations to try and build something. We need more Celtics that build slow and steady, brick by brick, to make themselves good (though I won’t let them go too easily as they are the root of all this evil since they formed the first “Big Three” way back when).

Fast forwarding by getting all the superstars on two teams is boring as hell. 7 games MAX out of this entire year matter.

Let that sink in.



Salty AF Knicks Fan,