Well, we woke up in the greatest country on the planet again, oops! #SORRYNOTSORRY!!

The Bachelor episode 4 abc the bachelor bachelor GIF

Hope everyone’s weekend was full of light beers and some outdoor livin’ – cuz the good weather is here, time to drink it in!!

As next week is Memorial Day, it only seems fair that we get our Patriotism flowing the right way, starting RIGHT EFFING NOW!! So please rise, remove your hats for our national anthem, this week performed by Penn State’s band!

Love it. Fireworks, band geeks, college football, band geeks – AMERICA.

Why Penn State? Why today?

Well, that beautiful girl in the cover photo is Zoe from Penn State. Not sure if she is a model for Calvin Klein (she should be) but that picture is sick… Definitely makes me wanna go buy some undies, I’ll tell ya that much!

But for real, hell of a picture – thanks to Zoe here. If you wanna give her a follow (and you should), go follow her on Instagram and trust me, you will love it.