I cannot believe I hadn’t seen this yet – but I saw Russell Westbrook’s Mountain Dew commercial for the first time last night, and all I can say is: M-V-P!!!

The end is like straight outta Hot Rod. Rob Kimble better watch his back, because Russ might be the next greatest stuntman in America.

Also, I absolutely HATE drinking Mountain Dew (sorry Miller), but the marketing here may have me at a difficult decision the next time I want to drink something that looks like anti-freeze.

Now, evidently this commercial originally aired in February, so I evidently haven’t watched TV for three months – but I sincerely didn’t see it before… All I know is I fucking loved it.

Russ – you keep doing you. I don’t care if your postseason ended earlier than you would’ve liked, because you keep winning in late May so long as this baby is airing!



Do the Dew,