In order to properly recap our experience on Saturday, I think I need to give you the proper context. Going into our first game, expectations were… well, minimal. HOWEVER, I learned gameday can be pretty #LIT almost right away. So this week, what I was expecting was a lot more than what I was expecting going into Week 1.

The gameplay itself this week is not the storyline I’ll talk about (though we did win 2-1, so Frank and I remain undefeated, nbd kbd), I’m more there for the atmosphere and to soak it all in… Oh, and catch it all on social media for our fans.

Right from the tailgate, I knew this game was gonna be different. They had an actual human singing the anthem whereas last time it was a recording – so my expectations were absolutely sky rocketing… IT WAS GOING TO BE BETTER?!

If you were watching live, you saw the beginning was our “run of the mill” entry to the stadium and walking up to where we belong – the media booth. It took no time to tell we were over it. While it was funny Game 1 watching Ethel & Howard at the ripe old age of 90 commentate these games, I did NOT have to relive it. Out into the wild we went – blending in with the fans.

In the stands, a few things were notable. One, the fans of Cloud 9 (their version of the Cameron Crazies) are COMMITTED AF. They do not stop banging their drums or singing FOR THE WHOLE GAME. Impressive to say the least.

Cloud 9

Two, the security detail is less than ideal. Every security guard I saw was 60+ years old and even I could (probably) take down. I guess it really wouldn’t ever be an issue, but if a riot broke out at one of these games all hell would break loose. To that point, I 100% guarantee a streaker at one of these games could legitimately “get away” with it. Just outrun some sixty year olds and you’re good… That is not (wink wink) an open challenge.

On to halftime, our second encounter with the Beer Garden at Yurcak Field. It was GREAT. We realized they made quite the heady marketing move and starting selling wine slushies called “Frosé” – GREAT move. Play to your audience. Loved the energy by these guys.


After halftime we decided to push the envelope as to how far our Media Passes can get us… SPOILER ALERT: still untouchable!! We found ourselves at the 50 yard line right basically on the field (see below). If When you were watching on Lifetime, you could easily see us. The funniest part about this was walking to get there we walked right behind the goal WHILE THE GAME WAS GOING ON… Like we were at a rec soccer game!! Unbelievable!!

JJ Watts Girl

As they do, the game continued and was great. Sky Blue won. Let’s go! Some other game notes worth mentioning was that JJ Watt’s girl, Kealia Ohai, was actually pretty damn good. Great speed. Low key thic. But she was out-shined by a #7 – Rachel Daly (presumably John Daly’s daughter). She looked tough as shit… but like bad ass hot (like Jess from the OC). 100% could kick your ass AND had her hand in a cast. It was rumored that she broke it on someone’s face… Okay, we MADE that rumor, but it still is probably true.

After the game again, as we members of the media do, Frank and I made our way to the field to grab some postgame interviews. Now, this week Frank scored an interview with Sarah Killion but his cameraman (me) 100% missed it. Yes, I blew it. Great work by Frank however as Sarah had scored a penalty kick earlier in the game and he was cool under pressure the whole interview. A real “been there, done that” vibe… Also, likely his strong mustache helped.

Lastly, Frank once again held down the interview game with Coach Holly, reminding everyone of what it’s really like to be a professional in the media.

**NOTE: Yes, the audio SUCKS because they blast music during this time… It’s so loud I have no idea, but #YOLO – just live with it.

Again, expectations were SIGNIFICANTLY higher this week, but I think once again, Sky Blue FC stepped up to the challenge.

That’s basically all I got. If you missed it, tune in to the podcast, Exceeding Expectations, if you want to hear Frank and I talk (right after the game, when it was most fresh in our brains) about our 2nd game as professionals in the media.



Sky Blue (or) F*C* (You),