I honestly can’t believe it has been almost two months since Water Cooler Sports hosted BeerFest… I further can’t believe that during my days leading up to BeerFest, I learned something that everyone here needs to know, but I would bet almost nobody does… What is the difference between Natty Light and Bud Light?

A lot of people will probably think: “Well, Natty is what you buy in college and it’s the shittier version of Bud Light!” Astute observation Einstein! But what makes it “shittier” (I mean, I disagree but to each their own) – THAT is what I will get into.

The main difference SHOCKINGLY is actually not that one (Bud Light) you can order at a bar and still maintain respect from everyone around you while drinking, whereas the other (Natty Light) would lead everyone to believe you have a over-sized pickup truck in the parking lot, you have 27 open spitters on your coffee table and you’re hoping your paycheck clears before the waitress swipes your federal credit union debit card.

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Nope! The real difference is so simple: CORN vs RICE!

These delicious light beers both have a starch components to them, and each uses a different ingredient. So the idea that they are the “same thing” is completely false. Fake news. SAD!

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Now which one do you think is which? Is Bud Light rice or corn? When I heard that this was the difference, I figured corn is more expensive than rice (which is not true btw, rice is DOUBLE as expensive as corn is), so Bud Light must be corn – and Natty was rice.


Natty uses corn as it’s starch component and Bud Light uses rice. So if you notice a difference in the taste of the two of them – THAT is it!

So the next time you’re hungover and looking for excuses as to why… Don’t blame either of these two for the 17 beers you drank the night before! It’s that you are likely just becoming allergic to corn (or rice)!!

So there you have it, mystery solved. I’m sure this has been keeping you up at night. You’re welcome. I’m personally gonna reward myself with a nice 12 pack of some organic light just to get some corn in me. Nothing better than corn in this beautiful summertime as they say!



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