The “No Fun League” officially ruled this week that touchdown celebrations aren’t going to be governed by the strictest rules on planet Earth anymore… Which means every Sunday, when we roll out of bed, throw on our finest sweatpants and turn on NFL Live, we’re going to start seeing some epic TD celebrations again from the weekend before.

And in order to pump everyone’s D’s up – I threw together (in no particular order) some of the greatest TD celebrations of all time.

#1 The Time Joe Horn Used a Cell Phone he had hidden in the Goal Post

#2 Randy Moss Moons Lambeau

#3 TO – Get Your Popcorn Ready

#4 Chad Johnson (OchoCinco) Riverdance

#5 Steve Smith Row Row Row Your Boat

#6 Marshawn Lynch Hold My D

#7 The Dirty Bird

#8 Antonio Brown Twerk

#9 Bills Stay Bills

#10 Giants Flipping Out

Honestly, I can’t wait to see what these guys have up their sleeves after a while off from REALLY letting loose on celebrations!! LET’S GOOOOOOOO!!!



Big Win for Mankind,