Tonight, we have one of the greatest things our Lord and Savior gave us in this world – a Game 7 of some playoff hockey. The Penguins vs. the Senators.

Now, throughout these playoffs I haven’t really had a horse in the race – so I really have just been championing any and all underdogs, and rooting against any asshat teams (like the Rangers).

But coming down the stretch, the Nashville Predators have sort of become “country music’s team.” They love talking about this team on Country music radio and parading all the stars out there to sing the national anthem… I mean, why not, it’s NASHVILLE – the country music Capital of America!!

So I was getting fired up today thinking about tonight’s Game 7 and who “we” were going to face when I stumbled upon this gem…



The Devils better watch their backs because any team that throws a fat guy dabbing in their Skrillex hype video (it’s 30 seconds in, you’re welcome) is a team I can get behind.

Regardless of the who takes Game 7 tonight, you know who I think the real winners are today?? THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE NOW THAT THAT HYPE VIDEO EXISTS!!!