The EPL season is over and Chelsea are the big winners. That’s the ideal way to cap off a season. It’s like getting a round of Guinness on the house to close out the night. Now, this Saturday is the FA Cup final, which is a big deal for our British friends. Normally, I don’t care that much… another notch on the belt but, not gonna brag about it.

BUT not this year! I could not be more excited for this match up. As you probably guessed Chelsea is involved, oh but it gets better…

Chelsea v. Arsenal
Wembley Stadium, 12:30pm


YES!!!! You live for derbies. Since I know you are all devout followers to my every word, you are all informed of the terrible year Arsenal has had this year. Fans are divided, players are looking over their shoulders and Wenger is on the rocks. The dark clouds have rolled over the red side of London. On the Blue side, things are great. Players are getting along, the coach is beloved, there has been a peaceful transition of power between Terry and Cahill. Things are great. This game has huge implications for the summer transfer window.

If Chelsea Wins:

  • Arsenal will have to make some serious changes, either Arsene goes or has to get rid of half the team
  • No big players will want to join a team who has fans already hating whats going on, so they are screwed
    Chelsea sign Sanchez, you heard it hear first.

If Arsenal Wins:

  • I sulk in a corner for a few hours
  • Arsenal can sign a few decent players, Arsene stays
  • Chelsea has a black eye but the title, we don’t sign Sanchez
  • Chelsea still controls London but it is disputed.

Arsene will have the gunners primed and ready for this game. However, the cannon explodes as they light the fuse. Chelsea will win this game in high fashion. David Luiz scores a wild goal and the stadium goes nuts. 2-0 Chelsea.




Fridays are for Futbol,