Unreal superlative for the yearbook this year in a Texas high school…

As if 13-year old girls’ self confidences weren’t already totally fucked, a teacher had to go ahead and give this one girl the “Most Likely To Become A Terrorist” award. Just a fucking ridiculous thing for a teacher to do.

This wasn’t the class asshole tweeting about a girl who won’t go out with him. This wasn’t the popular bitchy girls spreading gossip in the bathroom, adding to the Burn Book. This was an adult woman, who’s been entrusted to educate children who made possibly a career ending decision to give this girl this ABSURD award.

 mean girls burn book amber delessio GIF

Now, the student in the story seems to been Latin American and not Middle Eastern, so I don’t know if this was a race thing but you just can’t go around giving kids “Most Likely to Become A Terorist” awards. EVER. PERIOD.

Day one of teacher school stuff right there. Don’t rape kids. Don’t beat kids. Don’t call them terrorists.

Imagine being a low profile kid in school. Not stepping on anyone’s toes, not too outgoing, just trying to get through the hellish nightmare that is middle school. All the sudden the teacher says “Hey, I think you would make a GREAT terrorist!

All eyes on you, all the sudden Brad finally notices you, but not for the reason you would have hoped. A middle school girl’s worst nightmare.

Really don’t know how you don’t fire the teacher after this. But then again, really don’t know how a teacher thinks a move that would play.

Hell, it’s Texas, way worse shit probably happens all the time.



Texas Forever,