I spent the past 72 hours getting obliterated playing golf in the Pocono’s all day, gambling all night, and living an absolute rockstar lifestyle. Evidently, Tiger tried to do the same… Just with a little bit less success.

We learned this morning Tiger got arrested for a DUI and when I saw this mugshot, I have to ask two questions: 1, is Tiger back?! And 2, WHAT DRUGS WAS HE ONE?!

To answer the first question, Tiger may actually be back. Sometimes you really got to let yourself go and loosen up, and I think Tiger is trying everything in order to regain his once great self. Go for it boss, hit the booze, hit the hookers, hit EVERYTHING… And it looks like he did. I bet his next outing will be his best yet. He’ll be loose and play like he has nothing to lose… Because it sure seems he’s getting to that point.

My guesses “as to what he was on”? Everything. Those eyes are the eyes you make when you are wasted and have ZERO brain activity going on. He 1000000% is blacked out in that photo and woke up having NO FUCKING CLUE what happened last night.

Pumped to know Tiger is back – some pretty wild news to end MDW!!



Grip it and Rip It (Tiger’s Motto About Shots),