I have covered ARGUABLY too much LaMelo Ball already considering┬áthis kid is 15 years old… But the latest news out of Chino is too good not to talk about.

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The Big Baller Brand family had arguably its biggest setback yet as their 15 year old prodigy child, LaMelo Ball, had his AAU team BLOWN OUT by 52 points over the weekend… And the internet did what the internet does best and just ROASTED him:

I mean, the kid is 15 years old and I really don’t wanna beat up on him too much… Luckily, his father decided to be an even bigger clown.

Their father, Lavar Ball, is the head coach of this AAU “Big Ballers” team. So naturally, he dressed like a pro (wearing a “Stay in Yo Lane” t-shirt) and proceeded to rip these teenagers apart at halftime.

Good God, he may be the most unlikable human on the planet. I sincerely have been hoping to myself that the Knicks would never be so stupid to take Lonzo for this reason EVEN IF HE FELL to #8… The baggage of this doofus as a dad is too much to handle.

“Big Ballers” ream out kids too, huh? GTFO.

As for LaMelo, I want to send you one simple message: #StayLaMe7o. Shooters shoot. Don’t let a horrible night keep you from making it rain. You do you!