Okay, if you saw Ragu’s Sunday Hangover this week, you may know the USA Rugby organization has denied Water Cooler Sports’ media credential requests for a few of our writers for the upcoming Team USA vs Ireland rugby match, which by the way, is going down on June 10th, at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ… But I’m sure you didn’t know all that until a great media outlet like us brought it to your attention!

Now, before I get too salty about this, I want to stay level headed and explain what went down. So, after Ragu got the denial email from USA Rugby, he responded back with an email just looking for a reason “Why?


Chad Wise USA Rugby.jpg

And here’s where things get ugly…

That gentleman’s name is Chad Wise. He is the Communications Coordinator at USA Rugby (presumably a made up title to sneakily call interns) and he is the guy that emailed Ragu back. Ya know what? Watch Ragu read Chad’s response email to you. This is to “why” we got denied media passes…

Calling us “not reputable“!? Hey Chad, give me a goddamn checklist of what would make us reputable!

Actually, you know what? Let me walk you through why CLEARLY we’d be reputable in a completely asshole style, that by the end of, I’m sure you won’t reverse your decision, but at least my voice will be heard, CHAD.

We’ve had 44 THOUSAND views on our site thus far this year, CHAD. Now, I am 100% positive that number is lower than most other media outlets, buuuuut I’m sure it will impress you – given you and all 77 followers you have on Twitter.

Chad Wise Twitter.png

For starters, we hosted our first event back in April called BeerFest. Not that it’s crazy big or anything, but it had more than 128 competitors involved, as well as 30 volunteers working it… So I guess it was a little bit more than “nothing.” We went through 13 kegs worth of beer and it went off without a hitch.

And looking ahead, on July 22, we’ll be hosting a charity golf outing with an estimated 60 or so golfers to raise money for Movember… A foundation that it seems is something you’re passionate about, given your commitment to start growing that prepubescent thing now – six months in advance, so that MAYBE by November it will be looking like a halfway decent excuse for a mustache. Oh, and the event? It’ll have a hole-in-one contest, longest drive contest, and a jacket ceremony. But we aren’t reputable so I guess I should just cancel it.

Chad, did I mention we are teamed up with Movember – a global organziation – for our Water Cooler Sports charity golf outing? They, unlike your elitist USA Rugby organization, acknowledge we are reputable. Reputable enough to at least team up with us in our war on cancer.

Image result for fuck cancer meme

We also, as a progressive media outlet, have been committed Sky Blue FC media personnel. Ever heard of them? They are a NWSL team and they got a few USWNT players on the roster as well. Don’t believe us on our media coverage there? Check out any of the Exceeding Expectations podcasts from this season, or read any of our (arguably too many) posts on them. I don’t know, maybe covering women’s professional soccer doesn’t “count” to you though. Maybe I was wrong to think this was 2017 and women were considered equal…

Unbelievable that this day and age people can still be so closed minded. Is it because the ESPN’s and Fox Sports’ of this world are boxing us out? Are you just the messenger and a pawn in a bigger web of bullshit? I don’t know. But calling us not reputable is not something we were going to lay down and just take.

I’m sorry I had to do this Chad but you left me no choice.



Not Reputable but Somehow Still Kickin,