I am all aboard the movement of making baseball great again. Bryce throwing helmets and haymakers, Judge sending balls into orbit, and even Conforto just crushing the ball over at Citi Field has me so interested that I bought MLB TV. $17 for a student monthly package? Pretty phenomenal stuff.

I was watching the Astros play the Twins tonight and the conversation of a ticket deal came up. After watching a segment on First Take the other day, I was pretty surprised to hear about how the New York’s revenue is down at Yankee Stadium because of the spike in ticket prices. Max Kellerman discussed that both seats and the cost of in-stadium purchases are increasing and it has in effect kept away true fans.

I wasn’t really sure how sure he was about this because I looked online and found seats on MLB ticket exchange to a game on a Tuesday for $9. Yea, it’s in outer space but true fans will 100% pay that to be in the stadium. So he does maybe have to look at that before commenting further.

Nevertheless, during the Astros vs Twins game the announcers were talking about a value ticket deal going on in the stadium. With this package, running from Monday through Friday, you would get a ticket, a hot dog, a drink, some popcorn, and I think an ice-cream for $18. $18 freaking dollars?

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Alright, the ticket prices of Yankee games on a week day could be as low as $9 sometimes, but I know that definitely isn’t a consistent thing. I get Max Kellerman may have been a bit off, or should have been a bit more specific in his explanation of that, but he wasn’t wrong by any means. I will be attending at least a few Yankee games this summer and all of that together would probably be about $40-$50 each game.

I just thought this was interesting because both teams (Houston & New York) are both on top of their AL Divisions this year and are going to be super exciting to watch come the back end of this season.

Let’s see how this progression continues with both these teams exciting the league, as well as the other noise the MLB has made this summer. I like the energy and I want to follow it more closely as the summer goes on.

Be back for this with a Part II later.



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