At Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, some Predators fan by the name of Jacob Waddell, tossed a catfish onto the ice. It was hilarious, it got on TV, the guy got his 5 minutes of fame… It was all well and good. He had charges since brought up on him, and then dropped already… Cuz really, who gives a shit?

The real reason I bring this jokester up is that he went onto a radio show, 104.5 The Zone, a sports station down in Nashville, and explained his meticulous (almost like a serial killer) methodology of how he did it… You know, just in case you want to be the next Jacob Waddell!

Step 1)
Get tickets to a Stanley Cup game… Without that this whole thing PROBABLY won’t work.

Step 2)
Get a catfish. He was quoted as saying he got “an entirely too big” catfish at a Tennessee market. I read that as “get the largest catfish available to you wherever you are.”

Step 3)
Spray it with cologne and toss it in the cooler for the ride to the game… Integral. Don’t just bear hand it around for a few days.

Step 4)
Filet the fish THE NIGHT BEFORE. This is crucial (probably) – if you don’t do it THE NIGHT BEFORE, you’re going to blow it. Cut out the spine and run the thing over with your car. You’re going to want this thing flat as can be.

Step 5)
Stuff the fish in your pants under some compression shorts covered up with some baggy pants. Presumably you’re not going to get any action after this, but it must be done… Actually, if you’re considering stuffing a dead catfish in your pants, your significant other is probably into that sort of thing and she (& all 8 of her teeth) and you are going to have quite the night!

Step 6)
Find that spot in the lower section of the arena where you know you can heave that bad boy over the glass. You don’t want to throw it short and have it hit someone… No one likes to get hit with a dead fish at a hockey game – AM I RIGHT?! So trust your arm, but don’t try to do this from 50 yards away, you’re not Uncle Rico.

And there you have it! 6 easy steps, as per the man who did it himself, on how easy it is to toss a catfish onto the ice at the Stanley Cup!



It’s THAT Easy,