So comedian/actress Kathy Griffin I guess thought it would be a hilarious idea to do a photoshoot, posing as if she had beheaded President Trump, like she was ISIS or something.

It for sure was meant to be a funny thing, but when you start to think about it… It really just isn’t. In fact, it’s pretty fucked up.

Think about what the “comedic” factor is here… A white woman, posing as ISIS, holding our President’s severed head.

If you don’t like him as our president that’s fine, but don’t pose for a cheap laugh as if you are a terrorist. There’s literally nothing funny about that.

Libs will say Republicans are insensitive, but if that’s what you’re sticking to, then maybe steer clear of the HILARIOUS “terrorist who beheaded the president of the USA” bit.

We won’t hold a protest¬†march or anything (because that’d be a retarded waste of time). I just hope Kathy Griffin has seen her last minute of fame.



Fuck that Bitch,