23-28 for a team that had high expectations really is unacceptable. And that frustration evidently is shared by everyone in the stadium… Including the beloved mascot Mr Met.

Now, I heard Mr Met was fired after this incident and that sucks and all. But I heard some gold hot takes on Twitter for maybe why Mr Met flipped the fan the bird that I think makes this grounds to excuse the mascot…

Excellent point. You can’t give a middle finger if you only have four fingers. THERE IS NO “MIDDLE” – boom. Lawyered.

This tweet was too funny to not leave off.

Really good point. In a sea of morons, you probably don’t fire the mascot who is just doing what the entire fan-base feels like doing!

So true.

BODYBAG. For all the injury NIGHTMARES this team has had, it seems impossible to think Mr Met is the person who should be fired in the organization. I don’t know…

I definitely think this is a forgive and forget thing. Plus, how would we even know if they fired some guy under a mascot?! LET IT GO!!



Flip Bats Not Birds,