Ahhh, to be young and a complete genius again…

I don’t know what caused me to look this up today, but I was SHOCKED (and a little appalled) to find out there is a SuperPump 250 back on the market.

What is SuperPump 250, Taylor?

Great question, sport! Well, SuperPump 250 was a pre-workout supplement. To be honest I have no idea if people still take pre-workouts, but when I was taking them – this stuff was the TITS. It had the equivalent to 7-cups of coffee worth of caffeine, it had something like 12,000% of your Vitamin B12 and 1,333% of your Vitamin B6*.

michael's secret stuff space jam.jpg

So this was basically Mike’s special stuff that got me through college life (aaaand a little after). If I felt I was getting sick, it was there for me. If I wanted to NOT have a hangover, it was there for me. If I wanted to get fired up for the bars, it was there for me… And suuuuure, if I wanted to work out for like four straight hours (it’s actual purpose), it was there for me.

Unfortunately, that magical drink also came at a time with old school Four Loko’s were around and I am BLOWN AWAY those two weren’t the end of me (I may have had a couple “heart attacks” – though they went un-diagnosed so I’m fairly certain that doesn’t count).

Anyways, the new stuff they got – I checked it out.  NOT the same, at all! It doesn’t have any of the goodies that the old stuff had – almost a TENTH of those vitamins that you really NEED in order to get the desired results (endless energy, shaking, etc).

So here is my #tbt ode to one of the all-time greats – SuperPump 250. May you RIP in peace my old friend.



“Skin Tearing Muscle Pumps”


*=Those numbers may be WAY off, but I’m ballparking and I’d bet I’m pretty fucking close.