Alright, so I was doing some Water Cooler talk myself today and I heard the Scripps Spelling Bee was on ESPN 2 today… And the conversation started with “what a bunch of nerds” and “these poor kids” (among other really fair things to say about 12-year old’s)…

But after making fun of Owen (the kid pictured above with the sweet bowtie) we came down to this: Why the hell is this even a thing anymore?

Honestly, what career (or future) champions SPELLING?!

If it was a math competition, at least there are legitimate jobs you can get with a smart math mind. Get into stocks, finance, accounting, actuarial shit, statistics, gambling (LOLZ), etc.

In what career would an interviewer be impressed if you’re like, “Yeah, but I spell REALLY well?

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So for all the parents out there that are maniacs enough to make their kid keep practicing spelling words that haven’t been used since the 14th century, maybe use that energy towards math, or science!! I have to imagine if we used that sort of brain activity towards science  instead of FUCKING SPELLING, we’d probably have cured cancer by now and solved world hunger. In fact, I’m like 69% sure of that.

This really isn’t these kids’ faults, but the parents need to lay off a little bit and encourage them learning about something that matters… That’s all I’m saying.