The English Premier League and all other domestic leagues are over. The little pretty Cups are now over and things maybe looking bleak for the summer. Ladies and Gentlemen, have no fear. This weekend we are spoiled with the greatest competition of all time.

The Champions League Final

Juventus and Real Madrid

Cardiff Wales

Saturday, 2:45pm

This tournament is a contest of the best of the best. The top teams of each league compete for the right to be called the champions of Europe. Who ever wins this tournament is hands down the best team in the world. How can a European tournament be the best team in the world? All the best players and coaches go to Europe to perfect their trade. Then they play each other so yea best in the world.


Real Madrid​: El Galactico’s have won this tournament 11 times. Throughout history Madrid has spent the most money to secure the world’s best players and that trend hasn’t changed. Last year Madrid won the title against cross city rivals Atletico Madrid in a stellar game which ended on penalty kicks. This year, they look to be the favorites to secure the 12th time. Head coach Zinedine Zidane has figure out the magic formula to go from beloved player to magnificent manager. Taking control of all the massive egos at Madrid is what makes or breaks the teams and this guys got his finger on the pulse. Ronaldo is unstoppable, Ramos is the ideal defender aging like a fine win, Kroos and Modric can string together the greatest of passes; it’s just incredible. I mean if they drop this one I’ll be blown away.


Juventus​: Also know as the Old Lady, is the team just about 90% of the globe wants to win. The Italians have a culmination of fringe players on the brink of greatness. This game could
bring them to that next level. Manager Massimiliano Allegri (yea he’s that Italian) has a quite way of always getting his teams to perform as champions. Goalkeeper Gigi Buffon (love these names) is a 39 year old World Cup winner who deserves the Champions League. Buffon constantly proves age is just a number and makes wild saves to keep his team competitive.
Then there’s Paulo Dybala who is the face of youth and I pray he wins the ballon d’or.

Real Madrid should win this game, but Lord I hope they don’t. Juventus has a legitimate chance of winning this game. If they don’t let nerves get a hold of them, the old lady leaves Wales with the trophy. 3-2 Juventus.