Better late than never, let’s kick off this Monday the right way, the way we have for the past 5 months – MERICA MONDAY!!!

This week, I’m going to change it up and first give the shoutout to our girl Alexa from Georgia for this week’s cover photo. “Dogs on TopMiller always told me, and after seeing Alexa, I think he may just be right. So if you want to, and you know you want to, go give her that follow and hammer the “Like” button over at AlexaOvington on Instagram.

Now, this week I was a little late, but it’s only because of the life I choose to live – “Play Hard, Blog Harder.” Montreal, Canada got taken over this weekend by the Water Cooler Sports crew as we flexed our American nuts all over the deep north at a unreal, stripper filled Bachelor Party weekend… Miller, Ketch, and Producer Tim were among the crew of Patriots and, yeah, it took a toll. So today, about 5 hours late this post is going up.

I will 100% be recapping some of the trip at some point this week when my brain isn’t in a complete fog, but let’s just say – America is still #1 and it’s not even close. Have all the “free” healthcare you want Canada,Β that 3rd world country lifestyle just is NOT for me.

This week, I wanted to get last night’s performance of the National Anthem before Game 2’s BLOWOUT between the Warriors and Cavs by Carlos Santana. This is at least the 2nd Merica Monday where no one is singing, but I heard this over the radio and thought he just SHREDDED it… So, please rise and remove those hats.

Alright, now let’s get after it this week. Wedding season continues next weekend, but hopefully I won’t still be mangled by Monday.



Rule #76 – No Excuses Play Like a Champion,