Today marks the 9th year anniversary of the most remarkable and heroic comeback in NBA history… When Paul Pierce left Game 1 of the NBA Finals in a wheelchair, only to return after what must have been divine intervention… WATCH!


For the last 9 years, this has been a running joke in my life. NO WAY anyone goes from being wheelchair-ed off (to what looks like their deathbed) and then returns to play IN THE NBA FINALS!!

Ultimate fucking baby!!

To spark this one, I heard C’s fans going off on Kyrie after he rolled his ankle in Game 4 a couple weeks ago. I mean, come on!¬†Yes, Kyrie was down for a minute or two and they were scared, buuuuut then tightened his shoe laces and played on it. No dramatics, no wheelchairs, none of that.

My hatred for the Celtics was wearing off until C’s fans starting going at Kyrie for being a baby… But of course, it’s back. Fuck Paul Pierce!