Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, despite the common knowledge that we got denied the use of the 1st Amendment in a professional setting, we will keep faith and follow our rights. Here at Water Cooler Sports are un-apologetically American and firmly believe in sports (and beer). So of course, we will still cover events as we feel necessary.

That being said, even though we have been slighted by a certain individual… I’m excited to kick off Rugby Week. The United States of America take on the Emerald Island of Ireland on Saturday June 10 at Red Bull Arena, which promises to be an electric day of sport and friendship.

A little background for the teams…

Ireland Rugby.JPG

Ireland: A couple things here. First, the last time the Irish came to play here in the States they took down the “All Blacks for the first time in their 111-year history, and now The Irish are on a bit of a tear with solid wins over Australia, Canada, England and New Zealand. Couple that with more people in America claiming they are Irish then there are Irish actually in Ireland, the crowd could very well side with the men in green.  Hopefully St. Patrick doesn’t pay attention on Saturday and the luck is not with the Irish.


USA: The Eagles are the big time underdogs here. If we’re being honest, 15’s just isn’t what we are good at. However, if we can keep the game close and frustrate the Irish we could pull off something special. Word on the street lot’s of potential investors will be in attendance. If we Americans can put on a show, maybe we get a little cash, invest in the youth programs… Bada-bing-bada-boom next thing you know, we dominate.

Stay tuned all week as your friends at Water Cooler Sports drool with excitement over Saturday’s match.



Biiiiiiiig Rugby Guy,