**Disclaimer: I’m not saying this is THE song of the summer but A song of the summer.**

A few weeks ago people started claiming that DJ Khaled and the boys dropped the “Song of the Summer” with I’m the One. It’s a definitely a jam for dancing and partying. A panty dropper for sure… I mean, the song is going to come on at the bar/club and the dance floor is going to turn into a slip n’ slide, that’s for damn sure!!

But it’s hard to dub a song THE song of the summer because there’s a couple different aspects to summer. I’m the One fits perfectly for the partying and dancing all night kind of scene. But what about BBQs, casual beers on the beach/boat/lake or baseball tailgates? Correct me if I’m wrong, but DJ Khaled and bass fishing just don’t seem to go hand-in-hand.

Now, of course people like their country music (feel like I’ll get crucified by other bloggers if I start to express my true feelings for county music on this site), but Dan Auerbach, front man for The Black Keys just dropped an album recently with some great, laid back rock songs. If you aren’t familiar with the Black Keys, I highly suggest looking them up, cool bluesy/indie rock jams. But while they’ve kind of been on hiatus for a while, Dan Auerbach continues to write and produce great fucking music. He’s a Dave Grohl type, always creating new shit.

The title track from Auerbach’s latest record, Waiting on a Song is a perfect song for guzzling some cheap beer, while playing Kan Jam on the beautiful shores of Long Island (or a fake lake beach in Bumblefuck, USA). The song carries a carefree easy-going tune, reminiscent of some throwback 70’s jams. Real quality day drinking music.

Hit it up and add it to your Day Drinking playlist.



Til Next Time,


P.S. If you’re a fan of the all-time classic Dazed & Confused, be sure to check out the AWESOME 70’s inspired music video below. The video is totally relatable to any group of friends that have tried to enjoy the last summer of high school before college, in a nervous attempt to create good memories before the possibility of loosing touch.