Listen, we in the media all respect each other. ESPN. Barstool. Water Cooler Sports. We’re a brethren and so none of this is necessarily “shade” at KFC over at Barstool Sports, but holy smokes did Thor get him good yesterday.

**Also, what a wild notion that I find it newsworthy to write about a Twitter fight between an athlete and Barstool.**

Yesterday, KFC playfully tweeted a “baby” picture of Syndergaard:

I mean, that picture really is outstanding. Buuuuuuuuut, Thor apparently wasn’t going to just let it happen, so Thor gave him a simple “Looks perfectly normal to me” response. And here’s where things got interesting…

Image result for here we go gif

KFC couldn’t just let the conversation die, so he replied “Hey, @NoahSyndergaard I loved your early songs from Crucifictorious” – a suggestion that the young Thor looks like Landry from Friday Night Lights.

So Thor fired back. It was a high and inside fastball, a little sweet chin music:


And while Noah’s tweet was for sure complete fire, Twitter didn’t let us down either with their reactions to Thor… God damn do I love the internet!!

And tons more “RIP” and “bodybagged” replies. Gotta love it when the pros get in on the heckling and just smash “us” media guys.



By the Hammer of Thor,