There’s nothing better than finding out that your favourite film stars are as badass when the cameras aren’t rolling as they are when filming is in full swing.

Last year Keanu Reeves learned martial arts and various driving tricks, and did extensive weapons training for his part in John Wick 2, while icons like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee made their names by performing their own stunts.

Well, as it turns out, everyone’s favourite Irish Hollywood hard man, Liam Neeson, credits a lot of his success in the world of film to the discipline and work ethic he built up as an amateur boxer in Ireland in the 1960s.

Neeson’s relationship with the sport, which he still follows to this day, began in childhood at a Sunday school, when his parish priest announced that he would be teaching a boxing class several days a week.

Liam Neeson, what a fucking beast.

Of course he began an amateur boxing career at a fucking Sunday school in Northern Ireland during the 60’s. You really can’t get more cliché than that, and I absolutely love it. Irish kid growing up in VERY turbulent times in Northern Ireland, escaping The Troubles during Sunday school, beating up other 11-year olds. I mean, when you’re a Catholic kid in 1960’s Protestant Northern Ireland, you’d better be able to beat the shit out of people. Honestly, I feel like every Sunday school was just whipping kids up into fighting shape in Ireland back then. Get started teaching kids how to fight during Sunday school, just getting them prepped to be top notch IRA soldiers. Then, the day after they’re Confirmed, they start working with AK’s and learning how to make pipe bombs.

Just so sick that Neeson grew up as a blue collar boxing kid, and now get’s paid the big bucks to kick the shit out people on the silver screen.

And then you get the reason why he started acting, you just gotta give it to the guy, absolute braj:

Neeson first stepped on stage at age 11 after his English teacher offered him the lead role in a school play, which he accepted because the girl he was attracted to was starring in it.

Thank you for that Wikipedia.

Apparently this shit has been out in the open for a while, but I’m always late to the party when it comes to celebrity shit. At this point, I would much rather see Neeson in the real ring, fighting literally anyone, than another Taken movie. Honestly, I would love to see all the Hollywood bad asses just fighting each other – Celebrity Fight Night. Separate the men from the boys. Got my money on Neeson every time.