These NBA finals have had me losing my mind as to why LeBron and the rest of the Cavs haven’t figured out a formula to beat the Warriors and how they will most likely lose in 6 games or less. I haven’t surrendered but I’m pretty damn close, as are the Cavs. But, the NBA finals aren’t a charge against Lebron. No, they’re one against Russell Westbrook. Kevin Durant is the SECOND best player in the world (LeBron hasn’t given any reason to think otherwise) and joined a team with two other Superstar shooters, and one menacing defender and yet he’s getting more good shots.

If you’re a movie star and leave one movie to go work with three other major stars in another one and yet you get better lines and flourish as an actor working with the other 3, you would probably say to yourself “Wow, that guy is way better working without that Nicholas Cage guy. He was probably impossible to work with!” (Nicholas Cage is Russell Westbrook in this situation btw). When you leave a team with a star and join a team with three, you expect it to be a way harder transition. But KD is happier, playing better and is on his way to his first title. That is an indictment of Russ.

This year, Russ only made himself better, not everyone else – sort of like how Kobe did at the end of his prime and career. Now, I’m not comparing Kobe to Russ, but hear me out. At the end of Kobe’s career he did the bare minimum for his teammates. He just went out to make himself better, he didn’t help D’angelo Russell… Because he’s a snitch… Kobe didn’t help Swaggy P buuuuut he WON before he started to be selfish and why not? He had good reason – the Lakers are a pitiful team nowadays. Kobe won in his prime and now Russ is doing what Kobe did but isn’t winning like the Mamba did. Russ is making himself better statistically, but isn’t necessarily as valuable as many may think. Yes, he averaged a Triple double, something that’s only happened once before, but I don’t really think that means he’s that valuable. KD left OKC, and OKC got Oladipo from Orlando. Oladipo was supposed to get more shots but did he? No! Steven Adams was supposed to be more of an offensive threat this year but was he? No! Russ only got more for himself once KD left and, oh by the way, only shot 42% doing so.

Russ is probably gonna win the MVP because he broke the record set by Oscar Robertson but let’s face it – the MVP is a loser’s plaque. Think about it, people who win the MVP for the most part don’t have Championships… Steve Nash, Derrick Rose, Allen Iverson, Charles Barkley. They all have MVP’s but have ZERO titles. ZERO. When you think of winners in the NBA, the only thing that counts is rings… MJ has six, Kobe has five, Lebron has three and Magic has five. If I asked you how many MVP’s MJ had, I bet off the top of your head that you have no clue at all, and why should you? The MVP means jack shit! It doesn’t mean you’re not a great player, but it probably means you never won the big one.

Russ, the reason you’re gonna be labeled a loser is because you’re never gonna win a title if you don’t change your game and your attitude. Every time KD puts on that Golden State jersey, he reminds us how smart of a move it was to leave you in the dust. You’re the reason the Warriors have KD and right now that’s the only legacy your gonna have next to your triple double.

Congrats Russ.