June 9, 1999. Eighteen years ago today, the greatest Mets manager, Bobby Valentine, got tossed from a 14-inning game against the Blue Jays… But even some dumb ejection couldn’t keep the GOAT from coaching his team to victory.

So he went into the dugout, and with the suggestion from STUD third baseman Robin Ventura, he came back to the dugout looking like… well, “Robby Valentiñe“!

Bobby Valentine Mustache Glasses Disguise.jpg

Absolutely freaking hilarious… I miss that Mets team too much. I mean, I saw the box score as I looked into this today, and if you’re a Mets fan, you’ll appreciate the HELL outta this. Let’s just roll through some of the names:

  • Ricky Henderson
  • Edgardo Alfonzo
  • John Olreud
  • Mike Piazza
  • Robin Ventura
  • Roger Cendeno
  • Rey Ordonez
  • Todd Pratt
  • Turk Wendell
  • Matt Franco

Fuego. Love it. LGM (even though they suck ass nowadays).



Gotta Love Them Glory Days,