Before voting, you need to be informed. To enjoy a sport, you need to know the rules. And to respect a team, you gotta look at the captains. The captain in rugby is the spokesperson for the team. They serve as the integral mouthpiece for the squad for the official. We have some pretty interesting monsters to look at before this Saturday.


Rory Best
I mean with a name like that you better be sick. Best is a 34-year old born in Northern Ireland (scandal?) and about 5’11″, 240 lbs. He has been a hooker (it’s a position) for the Irish since 2005. The guy’s social media isn’t top notch but I like that in a captain – stay grounded. A good humble fellow. Best hasn’t always been a lock for the Irish side who has seen injury and the emergence of the youth give him a run for his shirt. He’s also come under a little heat lately from a JV mistake on a line out. He should be looking to right the wrongs and have a flawless game against the Eagles.


Todd Clever
This man beast is everything Big Fudge wishes he was. There are some slight differences. Fudge hasn’t posed naked for ESPN’s body issue (yet), he isn’t a part owner of a pro team, and he hasn’t changed rugby in America for the better. BUT, they both have gotten in trouble for missing practice for partying too hard the night before. Moving on, Clever is a slight 6’4″ 213 lbs from Palm Springs, California. Let’s just say you make sure you give him enough room to walk. He is the first American to play pro ball in Australia and has played the most games for the Stars and Bars in our programs history.

The two captains seem like polar opposites. I can’t imagine these two guys going out for beers too often. Looking at their backgrounds, it shows a bit of the history of the two teams. Rugby in America is more of a bad boy sport, while in Ireland the players get ripped by the press for basically no reason. Hopefully, we Americans can keep the outlaws at the helm of the team as we grow.

pinky good job

PS. I’m not a hundred percent certain, but I heard through the grapevine this could be Todd Clever’s 69th game for the USA… Just saying!